We answer any questions you may have regarding the change in the Instagram API. These changes affect every provider in the industry.

  • If no administrator user is available for an Instagram profile, Websays cannot be authorized to ensure data entry of the Channels.
  • Channels metrics will therefore only be available to administrators of those corporate channels.

Q: How do I ensure I authenticate my brand’s Instagram account in Instagram Analytics to ensure my Instagram Channel still works?

A: It’s really simple, when you create an Instagram channel it asks you for the account you want to follow, then on the next screen it asks you to authenticate.


Q: I have multiple Instagram accounts… One for each of my sub brands, how do I authenticate all of them?

A: As you add each channel, it will ask you for an account for that channel. Make sure you authenticate for that channel. We recommend doing this in a separate Chrome Incognito session for each authentication:

  1. Open chrome in incognito mode.
  2. Log into the app
  3. Add your channel (under the data tab)
  4. Authenticate
  5. Close the browser
  6. Repeat for each channel

The reason for this process is it ensures that the same access is not used between channels


Q: With the Non-Owned Channels API being deprecated – will clients need to authenticate with the owner credentials for the channels they own, or how does Websays recognise they are the channel owner?

A: If you own the Instagram account, you definitely need to authenticate that account against Websays if you want us to continue to collect data going forwards, otherwise this will be treated as a non-owned page. Our app knows you are the owner of the page, because you are asked to log in with the account when you create a channel.

Regarding channels that are not our own (e.g. other branded channels and influencers), we apologize that we won’t be able to receive data from these channels anymore and, according to Instagram’s statements, this functionality is not expected to return in the future.


Q: What about my existing channels? How do I know if they are set up and authenticated ok?

A: We’re in the process of rolling out a new interface to let you know which of your Instagram Channels require authentication. It will be live within the next 24 hours. Here’s a preview:


Q: Will my Query volumes go down for my Hashtag searches?

A: No. There’s no change Instagram data collected using Hashtag searches.


Q: What can I do to ensure I get best data coverage for my Hashtag queries?

A: The best thing you can do to ensure your queries get the most hashtag data to to also authenticate your Query access for Instagram. You can use any instagram account (it doesn’t have to be brand’s instagram account – any account is fine). The process for doing this is a little different to the above. Log into the app, click on the top tight menu and select the Authenticate Instagram Queries option:


Q: Does your Image Analysis for Instagram product still work?

A: Yes – our Logo detection capability is completely unaffected.


Q: Have you received a similar drop in Facebook rate limit access?

A: No – actually. Facebook Graph API already has the lower (200 requests per hour) rate limit. This change simply brings Instagram inline with Facebook


Q: Do these changes affect historical instagram data that I’ve collected for my marketing campaign?

A: No – this only relates to ongoing Instagram data collection from this point forwards


Q: You recently added Likes metrics for Instagram… Do you still get this?

A: Yes, this is unaffected

Q: Will I be able to see the author and their avatar?

A: We will only be able to show the avatar of our verified channel, as happened with the change in Facebook these data become “non-identifying” and will not be reflected in the metrics. However, when you click on a mention you will be able to see the representation of the channel and the avatar and the author will be shown without problems.

Q: Will we have access to @OWNCHANEL mentions in third person accounts or will we only be able to monitor what happens in our IG accounts?

A: Depends on how you’re looking for @OWNCHANNEL mentions

If you are trying to add Instagram channels to all these third person accounts, then, unfortunately, we will not collect any mentions that belong to these third person channels.
However, if we search for @OWNCHANNEL with (at_mentions:OWNCHANNEL AND site:instagram) in a query, then we could still collect the mentions that are being received through our hashtag crawling and the channels that are still allowed to collect data. The good news is that our hashtag coverage has not been affected by these changes. (The only changes are the restriction of personal data, for example for the author you will see the handle – @websays instead of the username of Websays Spain).